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ECUTEK Bluetooth Interface EVI-BT 1.0 ECUTEK Bluetooth Interface EVI-BT 1.0
ECUTEK Bluetooth Interface EVI-BT 1.0 Connect ECU Connect ist eine freie App for iPhone/iPad und Android. Mit dem ECUTEK Bluetooth Interface Set ist somit die Kommunikation zwischen deinem Handy und dem Auto möglich. Standard features...
349,00 € *
Ecumaster EMU Zusatzmodule Ecumaster EMU Zusatzmodule
EMU Additional Modules To extend standard EMU capability two modules are available: DBW module and CAN bus module. DBW module is required to allow EMU control electronic throttle and it is connected to the one of AUX or INJ output. CAN...
99,00 € *
Ecumaster Digital ECU Tuner3 Ecumaster Digital ECU Tuner3
DIGITAL ECU TUNER3 DIGITAL ECU TUNER 3 is very popular piggyback tuning device across Europe. The DET3 is probably the most capable piggyback tuning device for its size. The DET3 is incredibly versatile, user friendly and powerful. The...
206,00 € *
Ecumaster Haldex Drag Racing Controller Ecumaster Haldex Drag Racing Controller
HALDEX CONTROLLER Haldex controller is an essential device for every competitor using car equipped with a Haldex 4Motion system in drag racing. Our Haldex controller provides possibility of complete engaging during start and automatic...
250,00 € *
CAN SWITCH BOARD CAN switch board is tiny device to allow easy transfer up to 8 switches state and two analog signals over the CAN bus. In addition to this, device has built in 2 led outputs that can be activated with the CAN bus...
129,00 € *
Ecumaster EGT to CAN Modul Ecumaster EGT to CAN Modul
EGT to CAN The EGT to CAN module collects input signals from 8 EGT probes (K-Type thermocouples), converts the probe voltage into a numerical temperature figure and sends the appropriate data via CAN bus. The module is fully configurable...
129,00 € *
Ecumaster CAN BUS Keyboards 4- / 8- / 12-stellig Ecumaster CAN BUS Keyboards 4- / 8- / 12-stellig
CAN KEYBOARDS CAN KEYBOARDS in completion to our range of product, we can also offer CAN-bus based keyboard (available in few different keys pattern). Designed withstand the harshest conditions, completely immune to water, mud, fuel. We...
216,00 € *
Ecumaster PMU-16 Datalogger Ecumaster PMU-16 Datalogger
The PMU-16 is replacing of the old fashioned relays and fuses. The relays and fuses sent the lights, data loggers and the electrical components. This meant the fuses and relays are warm and very sensitive. Now is the solution to bought...
1.199,00 € *
Ecumaster Adapter Stecker Kabelbaum für verschiedene Fahrzeuge Ecumaster Adapter Stecker Kabelbaum für...
Plug and play! We offer wide range of OEM harness inter connectors for popular engines / cars. A interconnector is used to connect to an OEM harness connector and then to the ECUMASTER EMU without the need for any wiring modifications....
129,00 € *
Ecumaster BT Modul Bluetooth Ecumaster BT Modul Bluetooth
Bluetooth module Bluetooth module allows to transmit ECUMASTER log data via Bluetooth communication. It allows to trace all important engine parameters in real-time using Android compatible devices. Key features Free application...
69,00 € *
119,00 € *
Ecumaster EMU BLACK Universal Steuergerät Ecumaster EMU BLACK Universal Steuergerät
Das EMU Black ist der Nachfolger des bewährten Systems WWU, ein eigenständiges Motormanagement System für den Einsatz in komplexen Motoren. Die EMU ist für Rennfahrzeuge, Straßenfahrzeuge, Motorräder, Boote und stationäre Motoren...
995,00 € *
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